Cell Innovation

Jelly Battery

Jelly battery uses the world's first safe gel electrolyte independently developed by SVOLT.
The Jelly Battery, which has self-healing capability and can withstand high temperature,

can be quickly mass produced, and has wide electrochemical adaptability to different
systems such as high nickel, cobalt-free and medium nickel.

Compared with the Battery
with liquid electrolyte

Passed 160°C hotbox test
Nail penetration test: no smoke,no fire

Battery internal resistance


Discharge rate


No Capacity Fading
within 50 Cycles


R&D Roadmap

GEN-1 Gel Electrolyte


250-300 Wh/kg

GEN-2 Gel Electrolyte


300-350 Wh/kg

GEN-3 Gel Electrolyte


350-400 Wh/kg