Pack Design Innovation

Thermal Insulating PACK

Through thermal insulation, electric insulation design, pressure-tolerant design and water-cooling strategy,
5 levels of protection and “0” thermal propagation on PACK level.

First protection

Add special sensor,(pressure/smell) Warning in advance, and triggering thermal runaway control strategy

Second protection

Different insulation solutions for different cells, to reduce heat transfer speed between cells

Third protection

Adding thermal insulating spacer in the module to form relatively independent space

Forth protection

Leading thermal runaway gas to vent from specific channel, and removing interference from venting to other modules

Fifth protection

Optimizing valve design (number/location/start threshold); increasing upper shell strength and improving fireproof performance

The Matrix Pack

The Matrix pack developed by SVOLT,adopts long cells and new group solution of CTP to realize the free grouping within the allowable voltage range.
Matrix design is conducive to promoting platformization and standardization of battery PACK, and further shortening the development period and reducing cost.


372.9kg / 583 components


347kg / 545 components

Single cell form

Pack level

Pack package

It is not constrained by the number of traditional modules, and is more conducive to the platformization and standardization of battery packs, which further shortens the development cycle and reduces the development cost.

  • Flexible Configuration within the Voltage Range,

    without Constraints of Traditional Modules

    Space Utilization
    Energy Density